Dimensions: 10 (l) x 6 (w) x 2 (h) The JA-410F flashing transformer will allow you to make your neon sign flash at multiple speeds. We have taken our 10,000 volt transformer and added a flashing module so you can … Continued

not rated $79.99

Dimensions: 10 (l) x 6 (w) x 2 (h) The JA-410EL is the Cadillac of all transformers. This is a very powerful, energy efficient  and long lasting transformer. We recommend this transformer for signs of all sizes. The JA-410EL transformer … Continued

not rated $69.99

Dimensions: 10 (l) x 6 (w) x 2 (h) This UL Listed transformer is perfect for your small to medium neon signs. For your larger indoor bar signs we recommend that you take a look at our 10,000 volt Transformer. … Continued

not rated $59.99
8000D Dimming Transformer

Dimensions: 10 (l) x 6 (w) x 2 (h) Are your neon signs to bright for your room? Want to create mood lighting with your neon. Perhaps you want to minimize the glow above your bar.  No problem, just replace … Continued

not rated $89.99